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Cockfighting is a sport between two chickens in an arena. The damage on the body of the chicken with a knife attached as heel as a weapon, from past to present it as a sport still bleed. Bumps (gaffs) is a type of knife was retrofitted to spurs fighting cocks. Relive the past where the warriors in the Roman arena, cockfighting create a sporting atmosphere surrounded by the familiar warmth and spirit to fight tirelessly.

Cockfighting in most countries around the world banned. In Philippine cockfighting is known as “Sabong” by local people and it is a popular pastime before the Spaniards arrived. In Philippine cockfighting is legal according to the law, in Decree No. 449 issued by President Ferdinand E. Marcos in total May 9, 1974 to confirm and preserve traditional heritage, entertainment customary and entertainment. Another decree number 1802 was given then. This Decree is to prevent the activities of illegal cockfighting no license while standardized game. But illegal cockfighting still held during this time in an unobtrusive way to avoid detection by the authorities.

Cockfighting has become a unique heritage of the Filipinos, a cultural tradition that is an epitome of the spirit of sport, the rules of honor in fair play, respect for others and pride Filipinos losing that strict compliance is not an exception. In pursuit of this sport, fans keep the respect and away from the detractors. The sport is always consistent with the principles of democracy, where the extremes of society from farmers barefoot, heroes and all people are treated equally.

Philippines is also a center where events, international trade fairs take place game of chicken and the World Slasher Cup was held 2 years 1 time. This is a collection of re-creating the world leader in fighting cocks and cockfighting and where enthusiasts are gathered to honor the best and to reach world championship. Philippines has a long history of cockfighting where proven over time. Cockfighting has also reached as a number one sport in the Philippines is also a treasure …